Bogota, Colombia Vegan Eats

I just want to start by saying that I am so excited to be writing this post about my vegan adventures in Bogota, Colombia. I am first generation American in my family but have been visiting Bogota and other cities and towns of Colombia since I was a kid. We would spend almost every summer in this amazing country where I have such great childhood memories. Our adventures back then consisted of flagging down taxis that would drive us through the immense city of Bogota to get from one family member’s house to the other, or taking a local bus, and ride into the rural outskirts to meander through the gardens and fields of my grandfather’s small farm.

Most of all I remember the food. Almost everything we and others did always revolved around food! My great grandmother would already be making lunch just as we are finished eating breakfast, or we would be greeted with snacks or desserts for every family member we visited depending on what time of the day it was. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Clearly I’ve always had a passion for food LOL!

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Vegan Hurricane Survival Kit

As you may or may not know Southern and Eastern parts of the U.S. gear up for hurricane season every year beginning in June and ending in November. Although not every year is extremely active if at all, this year Mother Nature has decided to rile us up with quite a few massive storms. Living in South Florida my family and I had to prepare for the biggie that was hurricane Irma two weeks ago. I hadnโ€™t been in a storm since becoming vegan and was curious to figure out how easy or difficult it would be to stock up on vegan non-perishables, and/or easily cooked food items. Turns out it was not as difficult as I suspected.

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