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Look For A Man How to make a good first impression on a date

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How to make a good first impression on a date

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As for me, I'm a 33 year old white guy in the Baltimore. I dont sleep around as I hope you dont. I wanna meet sumbody to freaky me out NOW.

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So, you've been talking to what seems to be the guy of your dreams.

The feels are REAL, and you can't deny you're super excited to meet this guy. He's been making awesome brownie points in your book so far, and seems like the entire package. Not to mention, his Instagram pictures are smoking hot. Literally, though… someone alert the fire department because he's a total BABE.

You want everything to go smoothly, because you're looking forward to seeing where things can go with. He has to make a great impression on you, but YOU also have to make an incredible impression on.

In this day and age of online datingthe first impression is SO important. It goes way beyond a sexy Instagram picture, and impacts the fate of any potential relationship.

There's nothing more annoying than someone who's not paying attention. You'll kiss your shot at love goodbye if you let things go in one ear, and out the.

You may do this because you're nervous, but make sure you're asking questions and taking an interest in getting to know HIM. If you lay it all down on the table during your first date, then what is there to look forward to?

You want to leave him craving. You ALSO don't want to give him every detail about your life in case he mae out to be a total creep or a clinger you can't shake. By Alexa Mellardo.

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You've been hitting it off during the texting stage, and chatting it up nonstop. He has the most charming personality — even over text, the convo is never dry. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

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