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Millitary Man in town 4 the weekend seeking to have fun. I'm seeking for a female in her 40's Are you a female that finds yourself at this placce without a satisfying sexual relationship. Don't we all. I'm sane, tall, lean and muscular, good sex drive, not bad seeking but not arrogant. Can compensate you for your time.

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Subscribing Pass lost? Hollywood Undead: Swan Songs. Edit the lyrics Report an error.

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You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so we fight today, And no, I don't give a fuck what you think and say, 'Cause we women seeking hot sex Knob Lick gonna rock this whole place. I got one thing to say to punk asses who hate, Motherfuckers who don't know what, You better watch what you say.

Jollywood these industry fucks, To these faggot hollywood fuck or my place punks, You don't know what it takes, To get this motherfucking truck.

I'm already loud maybe, It? S a little too late, Johny's taking hands up, with all the faggots who hate, Cause I am good motherfucker and there's a price to pay, Yeah, I am a good motherfucker and its judgment day!

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I'm placce used hollywood fuck or my place this nuisance, And all the fags who bad mouth this music, Plac fuckin stupid and foolish of you to think you can do this, You cowards can't, never will, don't even try to pursue it. I took the chance, I played the pill, I nearly died for this music. You make me wanna run around, pulling my guns out and shit, Your tempting me to run my mouth, and call you out on this bitch, I heard the reason you got to beater to believe any of this, You need to slit your wrist, get pissed and go boy kissing girl painting off a bridge, What?

You can't see the sarcasm in the verses I spit? You think I just got lucky and didn't work for this shit? I've hollywood fuck or my place working at this ever since I was a kid, I played a million empty shows to only family and friends.

What kind of person gets disembanded and deserves to get big? I hate to be that person when my verse comes out of the kid's lips. That shits as worse as it gets.

This verse is over, I quit. Signed Charlie Scene on your girlfriend's tits. White boys with tattoos, We are hollgwood right at you, We are breaking everything, r-rowdy like kr classroom, Pack of wolves, 'Cause we don't follow the rules, And when you're running your mouth, Our razor blades come out, Because its nothing in my mouth except my hollywood fuck or my place and what I spit, So my dick is in my hand when I respond to faggots talking shit, Speaking of fags, already wrap with the drag, We killed him and then we stuffed his body in the Cadillac.

Why you always pressin? A gangsta's, So what the fuck do you mature womens fucking about being a gangsta? What the fuck do you know about being in danger? You hollywood fuck or my place doing this, so you know you're just talking shit.

Mad at all the boys because every song is a fucking hit.

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Motherfucking time to ride, ride, Undead! See you drop when we drive by, by Undead! Watch you fucker's just die, die Undead!

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I'm holding hollywood fuck or my place so tightly. My insides scream so loud. They keep watching, Watching me drown. How did it come to this? How did I know it was you? It was a bad dream, Asphyxiated, Watch me bleed. The life support was cut, The knot was too tight. They push and pull me but they know they'll never win.

Tha Producer and Johnny3tears: Throw it fkck away. I keep on screaming, But there's really nothing left to say. So get away, Just get away.

I keep on fighting, But I can't keep going on this way. Tha Producer: Hollywood fuck or my place can't keep going, Can't keep going on like. They make me sick, And I get so sick of it. Why can't they let me be? Why don't I know what I am? I force this hate into my heart 'cause it's my only friend.

My lips are sewn shut. I watch myself bleed.

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They push and pull me and it's killing me. I can't keep going, Can't keep going on this way. My heart beat stumbles and my hollywooe bone crumbles. I feel, 'Is it real? They want blood and they'll kill for it, Hollywood fuck or my place me and they'll kneel for it.

Burn me at the stake, Met the devil, Made the deal for housewives looking sex tonight Briceville. Guillotine dreams, Yeah, their guillotine gleems.

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The blood of their enemies, Watching while they sentence me. Sentencing ceased. And watch them bask in the glory of their holy disease. The Producer: I keep on running. I keep on running, But I can't keep going on this way.

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I keep on running, But I can't keep kr on this way 3. Let's get this party started Let's keep them 40's poppin So just get buzzed and stay fucked hombres americanos buscan mujeres latinas We'll keep them panties droppin x2 Verse 2 Charlie Scene When I start drinking My dick does all my thinking Hollwood want to be scene with me And I like their big thick titties D-Cups with extra filling Take it out let me lick it quickly Calm down it's just a hickie I'll hollywood fuck or my place it on this whisky sipping gets me tipsy Drink fast and enjoy your buzz Take back streets to avoid the fuzz I wanna take you home but your friends won't let ya' I got a 40 in my Ford Fiesta Buy beer Or pay the rent My signing bonus was quickly spent Hollywood fuck or my place i'll beat my meat like I'm a fuckin' butcher And plcae punk the pussy like I'm Ashton Kutcher!

Chorus x2 Verse 3 Charlie Scene Let's get this party jumpin' Let's see some 40 chuggin' I wanna see hkllywood booty rubbing against my dick when I start buzzin' Come on girls I wanna see you drinkin' Fuco wanna see your brain start shrinkin' Make a move I saw you winkin' Drunken pussies what I'm thinkin' I don't give a fuck if you're drunk or not Turn it up loud feel the ambiance Grab 2 ho's and do some body shots I wanna party all night until they call the cops Fuck a wristband lets all do a hollydood stand I'm like Cheech with out the 5 love language test online Hittin up the beer bong When the cops show up Their gonna get the finger And i don't give a fuck Cuz I'm the designated hollywood fuck or my place Shake it, hollywood fuck or my place

Funny Man! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Los Angeles! Undead, let's go! So what's good with that, when this song's a rap Deuce in the hollywood fuck or my place, got bitches in the back Smoked out, backseat, dippin' in the taxi So what'cha gonna do when I knock you out foo?

Keep it the same, you know Undead is the name Say what hollywood fuck or my place say, it's okay, we ain't never gonna change 'Cause there's no other place that I'd rather be than Los Angeles Come on, shake it, baby Come on, grab a drink; I wanna see you hit the flo' You've got a fatass, but you shake it like ain't a ho There's no other place that I'd rather be than Los Angeles Come on, shake it, baby Come on, grab a drink; I uollywood see you hit the flo' You've got a fatass, but you shake it like ain't a ho Everybody in the club shake it up!

LA let me see you shake it up! Hollywood let hollywood fuck or my place see you shake it up!

Everybody shake it up, come one, shake it baby! There goes Johnny 3 cruisin' in the Cadillac '63 no? And that's a fact!

When you see me on the scene; black shirt, black jeans, Tattoos, white shoes Runnin' 30 deep foo! In the city of LA where it's just another day Shooting craps with the Phantom Dude thinks he's getting paid!

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Oh shit! What's really goin' on baby?

What's happenin' bad boy, jy know who this is! Oh, yo Dave! Dickey Dave! You got yo face pimped! Oh wait, gotta go! Charlie's hittin' me up! Peace, bitch!

And all the kids in the hood come on wave and oe your hands, Hollywood we never going. When your drunk shake jy ass like you know how to dance. Hollywood we never going. Charlie Scene: Hollywood fuck or my place gettin loud i girls of pof party now, if you hate on Undead thats a party foul.

I only drink mickey's i cant afford the cans. I drink so much they call me Charlie 40 hands. Ladies drink em fast so i could have a blast. Im a complete catastrophy buzzing around you like a bumble bee. So lets take some shots, do a beer run and flip hollywood fuck or my place a cop.