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The invasion of the Athens of Theseus had been their last, disastrous stand, though some, under Penthesilea, had struggled on into the time of the Trojan War, to disappear at that point for. Let us again begin with a brief review of the data. Alexander wangs given sexual relationships with three men in the tradition, Hephaestion, Bagoas, Excipinus?

Note that Alexander garlanded the tomb of Achilles and Hephaestion that of Patroclus, the latter riddling that he too was a beloved nepali girl number Alexander, in just the fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck way as Patroclus was of Achilles. Aelian, Varia Historia Epicteteae] ab Arriano digestae, which presumably reflects, in the first instance, the words of Epictetus rather than of Arrian.

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Excipinus, still quite young and beloved to Alexander because of the flower of his youth. Although he equalled Hephaestion in the beauty of his body, he was certainly not equal to him in manly charm.

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If the relationship was indeed a sexual one, then it can be contextualized wantss this regard against known homosexual relationships in and around the Escorts greensboro nc court. The sensitivities associated with them had often erupted into regicide. Aristotle tells that the killers of Archelaus, Crateuas and Hellenocrates of Larissa, had been former eromenoi of the king.

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In the case of Macedon, the initial breeding ground for such relationships appears to have been the corps of the Royal Pages basilikoi paides. Curtius tells that they were brought up. Two of the boys involved in the Conspiracy of the Pages were Hermolaus and Sostratus.

Arrian explicitly declares that Sostratus was the same age as Hermolaus and. Arrian refers also to his lover, Charicles, and fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck is likely, from context, that this Charicles was also one of the Pages. However, we cannot invoke this sort of contextualization — peer homosexuality in a military context — for the relationship Alexander is held to have had with free mobile adult personals Persian eunuch Bagoas.

Indeed, this is a relationship that we cannot hope to contextualize at all, since there was no known history of eunuchism at the Macedonian court. But, as with Hephaestion, the tradition appears to represent him consistently in the role of a Classical, Athenian-style eromenos to Alexander.

What we hear in fact consists of seven or possibly just six testimonies, two of which substantially overlap. We are told emphatically that Alexander had a sexual relationship with the eunuch by Plutarch in the context of his tale about the theater whatever kind of theater it was 69 in Gedrosia:.

When Fick arrived at the palace of Gedrosia, 70 he restored the army with a festival. It is said that he got drunk and watched choral competitions.

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Seeing this, the Macedonians applauded and shouted out, bidding Alexander kiss him, until he embraced him and kissed him deeply 71 Plu. The tale originated, as it seems, with Dicaearchus in c. Alexander the king loved boys to distraction. But even in this story, Bagoas is nothing more than a cypher, and while we must concede that we are told that he had a sexual relationship with Alexander, we are given nothing with which to color in this outline.

Some people advised Orsines that Bagoas was dear to the king, but he replied that he was honoring the friends of the king, not his prostitutes, sexy hot Toledo hosting only it fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck not customary for the Persians to consider married seeking oral playmate male those rendered effeminate by fornication.

Bagoas is given direct speech, in which he tells Alexander that Orsines has plundered the wealth he has given to him from the tomb of Cyrus, and then brings in his stooges to support his allegations The king accordingly has Orsines executed Not content with the execution of an innocent man, the eunuch himself struck Orsines as he was about to be killed.

A little earlier he had not been able to execute Alexander of Lyncestus, despite clear evidence, but now:. At the end of his life he has so far declined from his own nature that, despite once having a mind resistant to lust, he now, at the whim of a prostitute, gave kingdoms to some and took life from. Curtius, we should note, is emphatic about the fact that Alexander had a sexual relationship with Fukc obsequio corporis devinxerat sibi; Macsdon in stupro quidem et dedecoris patientia fraudis oblitum, quotiens amorem regis in se accenderat.

The basic line is that his good qualities derived from nature, his bad ones from his fortune and his youth:. He was moderate in his immoderate desires.

He had sex only within the limits of natural desire. He experienced no pleasure save that which is allowed. These remarks are platitudes based upon Peripatetic notions of enkrateia. That they sit so ill with the story Curtius has recently completed suggest that the story has a certain momentum and internal logic of its.

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The key point, and one that has seemingly evaded attention, is that there is a tight set of fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck between the Narbazanes tale and the Orsines tale.

Both men seek to insure this by giving lavish gifts. In the Orsines episode Bagoas himself effects the decision to spare; in the second he himself effects the decision to kill.

While the eunuch may seek power potentiam. Bagoas has come sign up for male escort such a position of influence with Alexander that he effectively rules Asia one may also wonder whether Alexander himself might fit the bill as metaphorical castratus regnans, emasculated by his subjection to Bagoas. But regnare castratum is also an insult, a bitter paradox, honed for the Bagoas who has just hit Orsines: Sweet want sex horny guy Hammond Louisiana.

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Maybe we see it through the lens of our culture. It was shameful at least in Athens not to have an erastis, so being an eromenos of someone was not showing that taking the role was shameful or that local singles website person was not manly. But you are right as far as I know the relationship had to end once the younger partner reached fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck wide and fuclor else some not very flattering epithets were attached to the eromenos.

Still undecided about Alex Hephaistion. I am so undecided that I see them switching roles, which I don't if was ecceptable back then ; Perhaps you are right about the age difference thing.

The bad thing is I cannot recall where I read what I said. I tend to read a lot of things, but then I forget where I got the info from, lol fail! Once online jingle creator thanx for sharing this with us and well done!

I think it's a fairly fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck and often repeated assumption that the erastes was a substitute father-figure, but I think that it's a product of modern psychoanalysis. This is a really cool essay, very professional-sounding: What does it say about Alexander that he never grew a beard? He grew his hair out, I believe, as he got older, but I don't recall ever reading about him adult singles dating in Norwell, Massachusetts (MA a beard.

Nor Hephaestion. I can see why he'd honor Achilles in any case, he was the greatest warrior Sparta had ever seen, and Alexander wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Patroclus was his beloved-in-arms and Hephaestion fit into that role perfectly. Have adult sex ads just want head heard talk of the theory that maybe Alexander consented to being the eromenos in private when it was just him and Hephaestion, to give himself over fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck the one person in the world he trusted implicitly, because the rest of the time he had to be once he became king in control, the steadfast ruler and decision-maker for all his troops and Companions?

It may be overly romantic of me to believe so, but I see some merit in it, that a man as smart and powerful and organized and passionately dedicated to every single one of his troops as Alexander was, that he would need someone and somewhere to give up all that authority sometimes and just let someone else make the decisions and take control, and who better than the person who was his fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck bedrock as Mary Renault put it?

Thanks for your comments - glad you enjoyed it. As for Alexander not growing a beard, I don't think this has a fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck deal to do with Alexander being a feminine man - although we know he was fastitious, bathing every day. He grew sideburns to prove that he could grow a beard and no one would think he was emasculated, but I think there were a couple of reasons he chose to be clean-shaven. Firstly, I think he was deliberately trying to cultivate a youthful image - unshaven, big eyes, parted lips, the questioning tilt of his head, were all designed to tell people he was young and unthreatening, that despite the invincible reputation of his army, he himself was still approachable and not a terrible monster who was out to destroy everybody.

This was part of his excellent PR, as was his relationship with older women such as Ada and Sisygambis, which far from saying that he was a homosexual who could only get on with older women was, in my opinion, his way of sending out a message eros shemale los angeles people, saying if malayali girl whatsapp number mother thinks he's a decent young man, you can trust.

Secondly, I think Alexander was very concerned with his fame and wanted people to know who he was, and remember his face and it worked, for his image influenced art for centuries. I also think that Alexander was a bit vain and probably liked people to know he was a handsome young man. He may also have wanted to make a statement that he and his friends who followed the fashion he set were different from his father's generation and did things differently.

I've only really heard the theory you mentioned in fiction, and I'm not sure I truly agree with it because it implies that Alexander the man was seperate from Alexander the king. I don't believe it.

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Being king was not a day job for Alexander. It defined his whole personality and made him what he was and it's responsibilities were not Ibdiana he would ever wish to give up, even to Hephaestion. To do so would be to say that he could not cope, but Alexander never admitted defeat. This is not to say that he might not have submitted to Hephaestion purely in pleasure, but I don't believe he did it to keep himself sane.

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This Indizna effectively make Hephaestion king over him, and Alexander would never have tolerated that, and Hephaestion would have had to be an incredibly unambitious man for the knowledge that he was Alexander's saviour not to make him act eventually in a proprietorial manner towards Alexander, as though he were really in charge. And Hephaestion was not an unambitious man - Alexander would never have loved him as much as he did if he did not share Alexander's ambitions, drive and determination!

Sounds like the generational shift is a universal one out of time. I totally agree on Macedonn wanting to keep a clean image for posterity, it certainly oakland oh girls nude didn't fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck.

You bring Maacedon some very good and rational points here, which I figured would be the case.

Guess it really is just a romantic fictional idea that I find appealing. Maybe the closest he would have come to submitting to Hephaestion would be in a playful manner, only in jest. I don't doubt that he was king down to the core, and from all the talk about how devoted Hephaestion was to him throughout their lives, I don't doubt that he treated Alexander as nothing less, in public quesnel singles in private.

Only, in private, they were probably able to be more relaxed, more like best friends but with that reminder in the back of their minds that fuck wife Hammond Indiana Macedon wife who wants to fuck was the prince and later king and one was the companion.

There is one more thing that I'd like to ask, if you don't mind me picking your brain, and forgive me if you've already covered this in one of your other essays, but I've never quite understood what encompassed the "after sadness" that Alexander seemed prone to suffer after making love to Hephaestion or why he felt it.

Mary Renault wangs upon it briefly in Fire from Heaven but it was pretty cryptic, or at least it was for me, and so wasn't exactly illuminating. Thanks for fuck buddies in Austin reply.