When I initially became vegan I had so many questions. Switching to this life-style/diet is not easy without guidance of some sort, so here are some questions I asked myself and others have asked me throughout my journey so far:

Are you only going to eat fruits, veggies, salads, etc from now on? Absolutely NOT! I intend on eating and creating healthy meals but also indulging in tasty and easily available soul foods that even non-vegans would find mouth-wateringly appealing!

What is your go-to “when in doubt” item? Any fruit smoothie with coconut water or almond milk (add vegan protein powder to hold you over for a bit longer). Always keep frozen fruits in your freezer or fresh fruit in the fridge!

How do you satisfy your cravings for a meaty meal? There are so many substitute options that this is never a challenge. A large seasoned vegan beefy burger, or crispy chick’n sandwich usually does the trick!

What about chocolate? There are various brands of delicious dark chocolate candies, protein bars, ice-cream, almond milk, etc. at most local grocery stores. From one chocolate-lover to another, you will be okay!

What is one cooking tool every vegan should have? VITAMIX! Hands-down the best purchase or investment I have ever made. I say investment because they are a bit pricey but totally worth it! If you are on a budget do your research and find the next best thing at a lower cost (NINJA).


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