Colombian Brekkie Made Vegan

I have always felt extremely lucky and proud of being hispanic, specifically Colombian, because I have been able to live and experience such an amazing culture every day. Living in South Florida you get to see everyone’s diversity manifest itself in so many awesome ways and of course food is at the top of the list! This was the main reason I thought for so long that a vegan life-style would not work for me. I would miss out on this cultural gift that I’d known my whole life. So I’d continue every day convincing myself that being a carnivore was necessary because it was all I knew….

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Mother of Dragons Bowl

As we reach the peak of summer’s heat I am constantly looking for refreshing eats to cool down and this beautiful dragon fruit (or pitaya) smoothie bowl does the job! I personally enjoy making these for breakfast but they are also great as a snack or healthy dessert. The combining flavors of the blended dragon fruit, assorted fresh cut fruit, and granola give it a fantastically sweet taste with a crunch!

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