Quinoa “Sushi” Bowl

One of my favorite foods has always been sushi. I used to eat it at least once a week and remember thinking I could never go vegan because I would miss it too much. When I finally made the decision to opt for a plant-based diet I knew there had to be a way to get around the fact that it is usually known to be a fish-based meal. When you think about it sushi can be made in so many different forms, and what people love about it is the way the combinations taste and feel. With this vegan rendition, I get all the same crisp flavors and textures I remember. Never miss out again on the sushi you crave, just make it the cruelty-free way!

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Mother of Dragons Bowl

As we reach the peak of summer’s heat I am constantly looking for refreshing eats to cool down and this beautiful dragon fruit (or pitaya) smoothie bowl does the job! I personally enjoy making these for breakfast but they are also great as a snack or healthy dessert. The combining flavors of the blended dragon fruit, assorted fresh cut fruit, and granola give it a fantastically sweet taste with a crunch!

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