Mexican Street Tacos

Mexican food has always been in my top five favorite cuisines. Honestly, I think it’s in everyone’s top five favorites and if not, it should be! Because of Mexico’s proximity to the U.S., there are Mexican restaurants in almost every city of every state. We also have a bunch of “Mexican” chain restaurants booming across the states, but what many don’t realize is that most of these places are extremely americanized.

“Tex Mex” cuisine has the same basic ideas and names as the original Mexican dishes, but caters to what the typical American would actually eat or find more delicious. For example, true Mexican tacos do not have a hard shell, they are actually made with soft corn tortillas. Also, authentic tacos don’t include cheese, lettuce and tomato as toppings, which is how every Southwestern restaurant serves them. Don’t get me wrong, Americanized tacos are a munchies dream! But real deal Mexican tacos are a different type of fresh and amazing!


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The Meat Of It

I decided to create three different tacos because I want to show that you aren’t limited to one type of filling as a vegan taco eater. I went with “ground beef”, mushroom, and “chicken” tacos. I used Gardien products for both vegan meat subs. This brand always seems to have exactly what I’m looking for and, from what I remember, tastes very similar to the actual meat versions.

Here I used the beefless ground and the teriyaki chick’n strips. For this specific recipe I wasn’t keen on making teriyaki chicken tacos so I saved the sauce pouch that comes with the strips for another day. I decided on mushrooms as well because its a vegan taco classic and I found the cutest “baby bello” mushrooms at the store! (Don’t judge me LOL)

Once I placed them in bowls I seasoned each with garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, salt and pepper. This step is to preference. Don’t over season just yet because you can add more later as it cooks and can taste it to perfect the amount. I also encourage you to experiment with different spices and herbs based on what you personally like or what is already stocked in your pantry.



Veggie Flavorful

To add a bit more zesty flavor I also included chopped onions and peppers to the mix. I first add the onions to the three separate skillets, with a dash of olive oil, and let them simmer over medium heat until they begin to turn transparent. Now add the meatiness (and mushrooms) to each skillet and let it cook through for about 10-15 minutes. Stir or flip frequently.

To emulate the natural juices of real meat when it is cooked, I added a few dashes of vegetable broth. This not only gave it some more flavor, but also made sure the “meats” didn’t dry out. At this point I added some chopped bell peppers and let everything cook over medium heat for another 5 minutes.



Taco Creation

While those last 5 minutes go by start laying out your tortillas. As I mentioned before, tacos are made with corn tortillas. Make sure they are the small ones otherwise you’ll be making a burrito!

Don’t forget to turn the stove tops off! Now you can customize each taco with the fillings and toppings you want. Remember not to pile too much onto one tortilla because it will rip as soon as you pick it up.



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Now for the final touch you can add guacamole and fresh cilantro. I usually like to make my own guac, but unfortunately there were no avocados at the super market, so I had to opt for pre-made guac. Lastly, and most importantly…LIME!!! A spritz here and there takes these street tacos to a whole other level!


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Hello internet world! My name is Jess and I welcome you to my experimental, hopefully long-lasting and successful vegan food blog! Eleven months ago (September 2016), I made the decision to discontinue my carnivorous ways and change to a mostly plant-based diet. As a month or so past, I figured why not try this whole "vegan" thing and completely cut out not only flesh, but dairy, eggs, and any other animal bi-products from my diet and lifestyle. I am now coming up on a year since my journey began and I feel better than ever! This lifestyle choice is extremely beneficial for so many reasons including personal health, the environment and of course loving instead of eating and mistreating our fellow earthlings. Prior to making my positively life-changing decision I had always had the thought of doing it in the back of my mind. Coming from a Hispanic family and culture where multiple forms of meat are crucial to every meal, I never thought I could actually really commit to it long-term. Once I dove in to this challenge I realized it really wasn't even a massive challenge and every day after a delicious meal I thought to myself, "Hey this isn't bad at all!" The purpose of this blog is to highlight the abundance of vegan-friendly products that are out there and how I included them in my every day, easy to make meals during my transition and even now. I've always been a food lover and am eager to indulge in tasteful meals, snacks and desserts. So whether you are vegan already, interested in becoming one but don't know where to start, or you are just curious to experience the awesomeness of vegan foods, TURN ON your vegan self and check out these amazing options that are just waiting to be made by YOU!

2 thoughts on “Mexican Street Tacos

  1. My husband, my brother – in- law and I thought they were awesome (we are in our fifties and sixties and NOT vegan) and very filling. The lime does give it a kick! I’m always looking forward to tasting new recipes. Thanks a lot!! Great job!!


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